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Business writer and author specializing in communication, conflict resolution, and customer service

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 Thank you to Global Gurus for naming me one of the top 30 Worldwide Customer Service Professionals for 2014, 2015, and 2016.





Renee Evenson----Customer Service Author, Business Writer, 
Training Course Development Manager 
     I am passionate about customer service and have devoted my entire career to teaching frontline employees how to provide exceptional service to each and every customer. My management career was with BellSouth in the Small Business Market, where I was responsible for customer service results, and employee training and development. While at BellSouth, I had the opportunity to write training material and create training videos.
     After leaving BellSouth I now devote my time to writing books and training material to help frontline employees learn how to provide exceptional customer service and customer service managers to lead exceptionally. I chose to focus on customer service because people assume that providing customer service is easy, just be nice to customers. It's a lot more involved than being nice. Providing each customer with the best possible service involves learning how to deal with different types of customers and more importantly, different types of situations. Well-trained employees are your key to building a loyal customer base. Being nice is important but more important is knowing how to find the best solution for each customer, and finding it quickly. My books show you how to do that for both frontline employees as well as those who manage frontline employees.
     In addition to writing books and articles, I also create customized training course content and solutions for both businesses and colleges. Because of my experience and knowledge of writing, editing, and publishing, I can help design course material, create course material, edit course material, or serve as a subject matter expert and mentor.
     I sum up my career this way: As a service provider, I value each of my customers and strive to provide them with exceptional service by finding the best solution to their needs, whether it be to create, coordinate, or counsel.
I am passionate, persistent, and perseverent in every job I do.

In my latest book, Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People, Oct 2013, I teach you how to deal with all those personalities you encounter at work: coworkers who are bullies, brownnosers, backstabbers, know-it-alls, slackers, to bosses who are abusive, incompetent, micromanagers, or reactive.
  • 20 challenging coworker behaviors, 10 difficult boss personality types
  • Over 325 phrases that help you deal with these people and enter into successful conflict resolution conversations
  • An entire chapter devoted to recovering from blunders you caused
  • A 5-step process for turning bad work situations into positive ones


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I specialize in writing about the relationships between frontline employees, managers, and their customers. I study customer service trends and can teach you how to provide exceptional customer service in my books. Please contact me with any questions or just to talk customer service.  


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  Award-Winning    Training 101     2nd Edition        101                    201            Management         Sample Dialogues


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